Antibacterial LED Panel

LED Panels
As the Covid-19 virus is still spreading, there is IP65 LED Luminaires | Antibacterial LED Panel for air purification.


Product Features

LED antibacterial panel adopts the Nano silver ion diffuser to sterilize. As the Covid-19 virus is still spreading, we introduce an IP65 LED antibacterial panel for air purification. This IP65 Antibacterial LED Panel kills the Bacterium & Virus which stays on the diffuser surface from the air. When the bacterium in the air hits and stays on the antibacterial diffuser, the silver ion will have the combination with Enzyme protein of bacteria. After combination, the cell will be broken. The silver ion can move away from killing the next bacteria. The silver ion can be forever on the diffuser unless the diffuser is dirt by other chemical liquid or steam. This works even when the panel is turned off.

The LED antibacterial panel has an IP65 waterproof (includes whole fixture IP65 and dust proof). It has a high efficiency of 100lm/W and 99% actively decomposes viruses & bacteria without causing dirt accumulation. Also, it has the capability to break-down bio-waste into hydrophilia and carbon dioxide. With the ability to have long term effectiveness even when the light is turned off helps to ensure the cleanliness of the air.