• High-impact and corrosion-resistant light grey, injection moulded polycarbonate body

• Frosted prismatic polycarbonate cover

• Fire-retardant body and cover

• Smooth easy-clean lines

• Snug-fit polycarbonate cover clips (stainless steel option)

• Fast installation via external stainless-steel brackets preserves IP rating

• Factory fitted 4-core through wiring option (alternative configurations to special order)

• Complies with M.O.D. JSP482 Chapter 8 Document for ‘Category C’ areas

• Complies with food production standards IFS and HACCP

• Suitable for external applications if mounted under a canopy

• Smart versions with intelligent lighting control for use up to 8 metres mounting height

• SmartScan wireless technology removes the need for control cabling. Ideal for retro-fit

• SmartScan Radar versions with sensor discretely hidden behind the cover for use up to 4 metres mounting height

• Fitted with 4000K LEDs